February 03, 2022

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but of course you already knew that.

February 14 was ingrained into our minds well before we were old enough to understand the concept of ‘love’. With roots dating back to AD 496 the Christian-born concept has become one of the most significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebrations of romance all around the globe.

Some love it (of course, what’s not to love about love), others hate it. For some, it’s too cheesy, or too commercial.

Sadly, according to Connect2Affect, 23% of adults have negative feels about Valentine’s Day – with feeling of loneliness, sadness and disappointment increasing over this time.

Whether you call it Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or Self-Love day (this year, we’re calling it Self-Romance day), these are our 3 tips to navigating V-Day with ease.


1. Love your own way.

Love comes in all kinds of forms, so if you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day, celebrate the type of love that best serves you and where you are at right now. Single? Then it’s time to focus on you this year!

2. Remember, gifts do not determine worth.

Buying gifts is fun (yep sure, we get a kick out of buying the people we love gifts) but they certainly do not determine your – or anyone else’s – worth. That is, you don’t need to buy someone something to show them that you love them. And you don’t need to receive a gift to be loved.

3. Make it Valentine’s Day, any day.

In our opinion, the most romantic gestures of love are the spontaneous ones. Sure it’s lovely to get a bunch of flowers, but we think it’s much nicer to receive an act of love ‘just because’, rather than because everything in your IG feed is saying you should.

We asked some of our pals to share their thoughts on the big V-Day. This is what they had to say:

For Meg Alexandra founder and designer, Meg, Valentine’s Day is a time to check in with self.

“Valentine's day is a beautiful reminder of all things love, most importantly self-love. To remind yourself of the things you love about yourself and to believe in yourself.”


Pic: Meg Alexandra's Saskia Bra

For Selfish Sesh Podcast host, Marisa, Valentine’s Day has a double meaning.

“I low-key love Valentine's Day because it is also actually my birthday! I think having my birthday on the day of love while being eternally single, has been a really great thing. It has never been a lonely day as I am always surrounded by love from my friends and family, and also get a whole heap of flowers too!”


Pic: Marisa Jayne, celebrating her Valentine's birthday.

For us, we think love is too good to save up for just one day. But Valentine’s Day works as a timely reminder to check in on the people (including ourselves), the places and the things that we love and that make our lives richer.

A day to be grateful for all that is love. And if you are the gifting type, there's always lace and pleasure.

So, how do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

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