March 11, 2022

Chances are, you’ve not only heard of Triumph, but you’ve worn a Triumph bra too.

The iconic lingerie brand was created back in 1886, so they know a thing or two about bras (and bits).

We chatted to Alana Jones, Head of Marketing about the history of the Triumph brand, her favourite styles and tips for getting the right fit.

“From a classic corset factory with just six sewing machines and six employees in Southern Germany.”


The Triumph brand has grown to one of the biggest lingerie brands in the world. But as Alana tells us, “the vision has always been the same - a passion for innovation, intricate detail, and a commitment to the perfect fit”

It’s the perfect combination of “function, fashionable designs and quality”. We love the brand for it’s classic cuts and focus on fuller cup support too (the Sheer Minimiser is a BITS bestseller for a reason).


For the team at Triumph, it’s all about offering women “support, comfort and shape, whilst giving a little boost of confidence under any outerwear”

It’s not just the Triumph brand that has heritage though. Based in Brisbane, Alana and the team have worked together for over 15 years.


“The business and industry have seen a lot of change since I have started working in lingerie, probably more in the past 10 years than ever before.

Firstly, the environment that our consumer is living in. We know that society and culture don’t stand still. They’re fluid, changing all the time. Secondly, the pandemic, that certainly left a strong mark on women’s lives.

Now more than ever, people are re-evaluating what matters: appreciating the little things, physical interaction, digital access and engaging experiences. Women are conscious and considerate of their choices. Consumers want to see brands with meaning.

And lastly, the category is evolving, too: We’re not just dealing with the same players that are modernising their look. There are lots of new brands entering the market, bringing a different point of view.”

Working in lingerie for as long as she has, Alana has helped a lot of people find the right fit for their bits. But she says it’s not only her experience working with the product for as long as she that has helped her understand what women want in a bra, “having kids also taught me a lot about a woman’s body and how our boobs change so much – before, during and after. There is so much to know about boobs and bras.”

Bras are quite a tricky piece of apparel, not only to look good, but the constructive of a bra itself includes so many different intricate parts that make it supportive in all the right places.”

At Triumph we recognise that a good fit is not just about size. Like buying a pair of shoes, there is more to it. We suggest getting the right solution that suits the need or occasion, your breast shape, or style preference and then of course the right size. Everyone is different in body shape and bust shape, so it’s about finding what’s right you for and your lifestyle.

And when it comes to the one must-have Triumph style that everyone needs, Alana recommends a good T-shirt bra.


“I love the Airy Sensation padded bra style, with a lower centre front and sheer overlay. Once I find a style I love, I grab it in all colours. Another absolute must for me is a basic, yet supportive strapless bra. I wear a Triumph Strapless bra both for weekend wear and work; it’s so easy living in the warmer Queensland weather combined with the outerwear options in fashion now.”

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