March 31, 2021

Five years in the making, Rose and Bare launched at the start of 2019, and was one of the first brands around the globe to offer a collection of different nudes, with the goal of complimenting a wider range of skin tones.
Founder Natalie Roser, says her experience (read: frustrations) as a model was what inspired her create an inclusive barely-there lingerie brand.


Pic: Nat Roser, Founder of Rose and Bare

Here, she shares how her career as a model opened her eyes to a lack of inclusion in intimates, and why she was driven to do something about it.

Why did you start Rose and Bare?
I was working as a model (which I still currently do) and I noticed that there were no, or not enough, nude shades for Australian women to buy.
I was working with some really beautiful dark-skinned girls and they were having to wear black lingerie to work.
One of things that I guess people might not know, is that when you’re a model you are asked to come to work with “nude underwear”. It’s literally the only item of clothing you’re asked to bring with you on set. So these women were not able to fulfill their job requirement, because they couldn’t find the product.
I saw something very wrong with that, and I guess it opened my eyes.

With so many different skin shades, how did you develop the 4 shades?
I wanted them to cater to as many people as possible, so I needed to find tones that were versatile in their ability to match skin tones with warm or cool undertones. And I wanted to create shades that were just really beautiful on their own too, colours that people could be really proud to wear even if not a perfect match. Like me, I really enjoy wearing the #4 or #1, because they are just really pretty on.


Pic: The four Rose and Bare shades

Is it true that the Little G was inspired by your work as a model, to be the ultimate in barely-there underwear?
Yes, the Little G. Is a little blessing.
I just always struggled to find underwear that was actually invisible. That was small enough at the sides to hide under a bikini (when I was doing my bikini shoots), that didn’t have big aggressive logos, that didn’t have tags that scratched or itched or made you feel uncomfortable, that didn’t have a really big back that you felt like you had to keep pulling out of your bum all day.
It was just like the perfect product for me and it was kind of like the the driving force behind the whole brand. “I am doing this because I want this G-string!”
It was definitely inspired by my frustrations.


Pic: The Little G in shade #1

As the ultimate Rose and Bare expert, do you have any fit advice or tips?
Our Little Lift Bra is really good for women who are a broader set because of the space that the beautiful little cross detail creates at the front, which means the cups can sit a bit wider.


Pic: The Little Lift Bra in shade #4

The other fit tip is that our Lace Collection doesn’t have as much give as our regular collection because of the different fabric and construction, so it runs a little bit smaller. So, I recommend going up a size in the lace.


Pic: Nat Roser in the Lace Bralette and Lace G in shade #1.

What is your favourite product?
Probably the Little G because I wear it everyday. Without a doubt. I have got SO many.
Bra-wise, I wear the Everyday Bra. It’s just so comfortable and works under so many of my outfits. Comfort and Practicability.


Pic: Nat in the Everyday Bra and Little G, in shade #3

Other than Rose and Bare, what other bits are you loving from BITS?
I just love underwear! I’ve always loved underwear. So the fact that BITS combines all of these amazing brands is really, really just so great. And it’s great to see so many Australian brands too.
One of my favourites is Saturday The Label, just because it is so different to Rose and Bare. Perfect for when I want something really fancy and dressy, they have some really gorgeous things.

What’s next for Rose and Bare?
I can let you know, that I will be launching the whole core collection in the black colourway. We have been getting a lot of request for this one!
Discover Rose and Bare here.

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