September 29, 2021


As sad as it can be to say goodbye to your favourite pair of undies, if you’re walking around with holes in your knickers or the waistband has lost all hold, it might be time to part ways.

No hard feelings, it’s just time to move on.

But you don’t have to wait until things get that bad to call the end.

If your top drawer is feeling a bit drab, and no longer giving you (and your bits) the love you deserve, we’ve made it super easy to upgrade your undies.

Looking to meet your new undies match? These are our favourite undies bundles to build your new wardrobe.

1. Seamfree undies.


Peach’s iconic seamfree undies have quickly become a cult-fave. The UltraSmooth fabric is silky smooth whilst the Seamless Cotton offers the same VPL-free perks in an ultra-breathable cotton.

With over 14 colours and 5 styles to choose from it’s a super easy way to refresh your total undies drawer.

The best bit? Buy any 5 pairs of Peach undies for $75 (meaning you’ll save $50). Try all the styles or double down on a favourite pair.

2. Organic Cotton Undies.


Not only are Lela’s undies made from GOTS certified organic cotton they’re also made locally in Sydney.

If comfort is key for you, these are for you.

The best bit? Buy any 3 pairs of Lela undies and save 10%.

3. Bamboo Undies.


Bamboo is one of our favourite fabrics to wear on our bits. It’s super soft, super luxe and sustainable too. Not only do bamboo undies feel insanely comfortable to wear, it also helps keep your bits happy too.

How might you ask? Well, bamboo is not only breathable, but it's also naturally hypo-allergenic, moisturise wicking and odour-resistant. So for those of us who suffer from reoccurring thrush, this will help to keep the itching at bay.

For 4 reasons why to choose bamboo, take a read here.

The best bit? Buy any 3 pairs of Vee Underwear low rise undies for $53, or 3 pairs of the Vee high-rise for $62.

4. Period Undies.


Spending a lot of time at home, or feeling itchy from a pad? Both are perfect reason to try Period Undies.

Designed with organic cotton, and in loads of different styles, Period Undies are the answer to the new way to period. With so many ways to use them - just at night, everyday, or just for spotting, we have your perfect style covered.

If you're new to the world of Period Undies, we suggest starting with Boyshort. It's comfy, it's super absorbent and it great for overnight. It's time to save your good undies.

Want to find out how to wash period undies or more about how they work? Read more here.

The best bit? Buy any 3 pairs of Scarlet Period Undies and save 10% - you can't go wrong!

So, ask yourself, is it time to breakup with your undies?

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