January 12, 2022

Are you still wearing your favourite undies, even though they have holes in them?

Yep, we get it. Refreshing your undies is often the last thing on your “To Do” list. And whilst you get a reminder every single morning when you try and find a wearable pair, it’s easy to forget to actually take action.

That’s why each January, we mark the date in our diary and do a bit of an undies overhaul. Out with the undies with holes in them, it’s goodbye to the baggy undies and farewell to the knickers that remind you of THAT ex.

Then, say hello to these everyday essentials. These are the 6 undies that will have you (and your bits) ready for anything.

1. SEAMFREE: The ultimate no-brainer undies.
Seamfree undies are a must-have for their wearability (they fit invisibly under literally any outfit) and their high-comfort fit. We love Peach’s range featuring all the styles and colours you could dream of, in sizes to fit XS-5XL bits.


Featured: Peach’s Ultrasmooth Seamfree Undies

2. PERIOD UNDIES: The superhero of your undies drawer.
Period Undies have gained huge popularity the last few years, but we would argue they are a must-have for menstruating and non-menstruating alike. The uber-absorbent undies have multiple benefits, so whilst they are made for wearing on your period, they’re also great for those times when you’re experiencing a bit of discharge, or for those that are prone to a little wee leakage too. These are the undies everyone needs, so you can save your other undies from casualties. (Plus, Scarlet’s period undies are equal parts sleek and practical too).


Featured: Scarlet’s Boyshort Period Undies

3. G-STRING: The smallest but mightiest of your undies.
We feel like most people have a love or hate relationship with G-Strings. But hear us out. Yes they sit right in your bits, but with reason. The G offers next-to-naked underwear for a little coverage and protection, whilst minimising any fabric bulge or undie line. Depending if you just love G’s or your outfit calls for one… we argue everyone needs one of these babies in their undies drawer.

If your vagina has the tendency to feel a bit claustrophobic in a G, we recommend opting for a super breathable fabric like Vee’s bamboo or try something in Organic Cotton.


Featured: Rose & Bare’s Little G

4. THE FULL BRIEF: The tracksuit pants of undies.
For the days (and nights, if you’re an undies-to-bed kinda person) that you want ultimate coverage nothing beats the comfort, security and support of a full brief. They’re like a big hug for your bits. Not only are they great for wearing on the couch (with nothing but them on) as you dig into a Messina and get comfy for a night in, they’re also great for wearing under flowing skirts and dresses where flashing strangers is a bigger concern than VPL. And if you’re going to flash, you may as well show off your best knickers, like Nico’s plant-dyed organic cotton undies or something fancy in lace.


Featured: Nico Underwear’s Organic Cotton Mid-Rise Brief

5. CHEEKY CUT: The quiet, yet cheeky, achiever.
This is a style we’ve only received discovered. And boy, are we are pleased we did. The Cheeky Cut offers the same wearable perks as the G-String, like no VPL, yet with a little more coverage like a brief. The best of both worlds. A good style for everyday, but our new favourite for wearing under jeans.


Featured: Vee Underwear’s Bamboo Cheeky Briefs

6. LACE: The champagne of your undies drawer.
There’s a lot to be said for the confidence of knowing you’ve got “your good undies” on underneath, for nobody else but you. When you want to feel fancy but don’t feel like getting dressed up (think: lace g-string leggings) or just because. As much as we love our luxury basics, a little lace definitely goes a long way.


Featured: Eco Intimates Lace Knickers

Feeling inspired? Update your undies drawer here.

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