January 02, 2021


We get it. They’re kinda intimidating. We took the plunge. This is our first-timers account using Scarlet’s period cup. TL/DR: We recommend it.

Every month there is a never-want-to-actually-calculate-it amount of waste being thrown in the bin. So, we thought – right – we need to see what all this excitement is about. But before we do, we thought we’d give you the 411 on… what exactly is a period cup?!

What is a Period Cup?
A period cup, aka menstrual cup, is a super flexible funnel-shaped rubbery, silicone-y cup that you can insert into your vagina to collect your flow.

How does it work?
Once inserted, the cup unfolds and forms a seal inside of you. This is to ensure there are no leaks.

Are they sustainable?
Hell yes they are! And is a major reason for people converting to them. They are easily removed, emptied, washed and reused time and time again.

But, are they clean?
Double yes. Like Monica clean. They are super easy to wash in the shower (best way to empty too!), and are also sterilised with boiling water between uses. You can also keep it in a handy little pouch (surrounded by your painkillers, on-the-go wipes etc too).


So, how did we go?
This took us back to the first time using a tampon – remember how many times you read those instructions? Yes, we did that exact thing this time too.

Pulling the cup out of the box was a little nerve-wracking, but the instructions were super easy to follow. In fact, overall the whole process was easy enough… it is really the psyching yourself up bit that actually takes the most work. Our biggest tip here is to relax entirely and breathe.

To actually insert the cup you fold it in half (like a taco). When you first fold it in half, it does seem quite big, but it is easy enough to get in with a bit of adjusting. The best solve here is to not force it in.

We won’t lie, it was a little confronting to ensure, once in you, it is open. As this was a first-time try, the nerves set in and we thought.. perhaps it wouldn’t open and form the seal?! That's when you need to check the cup - the way to do that is by inserting your fingers and feeling around (turns out it was sealed). This is something that took a bit of getting used to, but after a few tries, you could tell if it was sealed or not.

From there, it disappears – for us – there wasn’t much of the end sticking out, but for others that might not be the case. That's one of the best parts of the Scarlet Period Cup - it has a long stem to give you the option to cut it off for comfort if you need to.

After that, it’s gone – you won’t hear from it or feel it the WHOLE. ENTIRE. DAY.

Whilst the first insertion/removal is a little different, after a few tries it becomes a habit. So, if you are looking for a sustainable alternative, interested in becoming more in tune with your cycle, or simply want to know what all the fuss is about, give it go - we haven't looked back.

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