October 07, 2021

You would be forgiven for thinking that Saturday the Label has been around for years. With a cult-following and a unique design handwriting that truly sets it apart, the luxury lingerie brand has quickly put itself front and centre in the intimates space.

Pic: Elle Ferguson x Saturday the Label Satin Collection

Launched in 2019, with the goal of bridging the gap between basic everyday underwear and ex-pensive occasion-based lingerie, founder and designer Shani Tomkins wanted to create everyday lingerie that was sexy and fun – and that didn’t need to be ‘saved’ for something special or for ‘someone else’.

Pic: Saturday the Label founder and designer, Shani Tomkins

“For such a long time, the underwear industry has put up this image that in order to be sexy, you can’t be comfortable and you have to spend a bomb. I wanted to show this isn't the case,

by creating beautiful, fun, playful and affordable everyday lingerie for women to feel super comfortable and confident in their own skin.”

Pic: Saturday the Label Poppy Bralette and Dahlia G-String

When it comes to design, Shani says she finds inspiration everyday, “I squirrel it away in per-sonal mood-boards, saved items on social and Pinterest - then when it comes time to design a new collection I use this inspiration of colours and cuts from previous months curations to inspire my next.”


Pic: Elle Ferguson x Saturday the Label Rib Body-suit

“Saturday the Label goes against the grain, steering away from the traditional lace based inti-mates, instead designing lingerie rendered in innovative high apex mesh fabrics, aimed to flatter and perfectly fit individual female body shapes. We also focus on fresh colours and cute, playful prints rather than your everyday lace fabrics to make women feel sexy and confident.”


Pic: Saturday the Label Edi

But for Shani, it’s not just about pretty colours and design, comfort and how the lingerie feel on the wearer is key - “I also take a lot of feedback from our customers so every collection builds on the last in terms of styles, colours, fit and quality.”

“I design lingerie to be a gift of love to oneself.”

Pic: Saturday the Label Aphrodite Bra and G-String

“I wanted to create an everyday lingerie brand that was sexy, fun, playful and for womens own pleasure (not mens). Two years ago it almost felt taboo to put my images out onto a public platform, since then so much has changed with body positivity and much more of a focus on female empowerment that its almost normalised the category somewhat. Now women wear lingerie as a treat to make themselves feel good. I believe if you wear nice lingerie on the inside, it shows on the outside and others can feel it too”.

Pic: Elle Ferguson in her co-created Ribbed Collection

Shani remembers that her first experience buying a bra was “overwhelming” which influenced her approach in developing Saturday the Label – which she says is a fashion brand first, and lingerie brand second. “That’s why we don't sit our product in traditional lingerie stores”.

“Saturday lingerie is design to be hung on your wall, not thrown in your drawer”.

Shani looks to fashion brands like Jéan, Lurelly, Bronx and Banco, Lucy Folk and PE Nation “for their edge and innovation”.

Pic: Elle Ferguson in her co-created Ribbed Collection

When it comes to what’s next for Saturday the Label. It’s not just design that Shani approaches differently, it’s the entire process. Shani says lingerie is “tran-seasonal and therefore we want to be creating, designing and delivering new pieces to our customers on a much more frequent and regular basis, not just every time a new season rolls around.”

Pic: Elle Ferguson in Saturday the Label

And she’s delivering to that. Launching 3 epic new collections this month in collaboration with fashion influencer Elle Ferguson, with new summer styles coming soon too. “We also are working with a new manufacturing house which will deliver a much higher quali-ty product. Watch this space”

Discover Saturday the Label.

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