July 20, 2021

We first discovered Peach Underwear on IG when scouting for our favourite intimate brands to recruit for BITS.

The brand ticked so many boxes for us… amazing quality product, great on-trend styles, inclusive sizes and imagery, a great value offer and, as an extra bonus for us, a likeminded brand founder – Emily Redmond - for us to partner with.

When we first met Em, she was juggling full time work whilst managing Peach afterhours, with a little help from her Mum. Since then, the Peach brand has quickly grown meaning Em is now spending 100% of her time creating the best seamless undies for your bits.

Meet the lady who is looking out for your peach, and everyone else’s too.


How did the Peach Underwear brand come about?
I struggled to find proper seamless underwear that combined a high-quality fabric, a solid fit, and a range of colours. A lot of what I had tried were too thin and were only available in daggy grandma colours.

Having my own business had always been something I wanted, and I was working in e-commerce so I thought I’d give creating my own solution a crack.

Peach is such a great name. We love that it is such a positive way to speak about our bums. (Who doesn’t want to look peachy, right?). How did you come up with the name or was it as simple as that?
To reflect the values of the brand I knew it needed to be something simple and fun. I had a couple of different options going around in my mind, but they didn’t feel right.

I was looking around for inspiration and saw a shop sign that had a picture of a peach and I knew immediately that was the name. I went home that night and registered the domain!

We love that you offer such an inclusive range of sizes, was this always part of the plan?
I have been self-funded since the very beginning, so when I first started I had limited funds to play with. I started with one cut of underwear, the Original-Rise Cheeky and ordered in limited sizes because I didn’t know if the product would be something that others wanted too.

They sold out quickly and I had requests for larger sizes, so I extended to size 3X on my second order of product. Being as inclusive as possible has always been something that I wanted the brand to stand for, so it was great to have support from early on to be able to do that. I’ve now just extended my sizing further and now offer XS through to 5X.


Designing lingerie must be quite an intimate experience. What does intimacy mean to you?
A core principle of design for Peach is creating simple styles that support women in their everyday activities. It’s essential that the pieces feel like they’ve been made for each individual, and I think there’s a level of intimacy and familiarity with that. This intimacy plays a huge role in creating our pieces.

What does body positivity mean to you? Has this played a role in the creation of Peach?
Absolutely, for most of my teenage years the advertising I was exposed to showed one type of body. We’re all aware of the impacts that this can have, and that’s why it’s been important for Peach to show a variety of shapes and sizes to normalise all body types.

There’s so many rises and styles to choose from. Any tips on how to choose?
It’s totally a preference thing. For me, I love the Original-Rise Thong. It’s barely-there and stays out of my way no matter what I’m wearing, from leggings to denim to dresses.

On the opposite end, I know people who love the light compression and coverage the High-Rise Bikini provides, particularly while they’re wearing high-waisted pants.


Is there one must-have Peach style that everyone should have in their lingerie drawer?
Once you find the right rise and cut for you, I recommend getting them in every colour to make your underwear drawer pop.

The bundle offer is a great way to do this, as you can save 40% when you buy 5 pairs, so it’s a great way to invest in a favourite (or test out different styles too).

We know Peach started out as a side-hustle. When did you realise it was more than that and what was it like to take the plunge into entrepreneurship?
Around October/November 2020 I was starting to struggle balancing both my full-time job and Peach. I knew that if I didn’t start to focus all my time on Peach I would lose the momentum I had been working so hard to create.

Quitting my full-time job was scary (and looking back I probably could have – or should have - done it sooner) but it’s been amazing to be able to fully focus on the business. I have so many fun (and comfortable) new things in the pipeline and while running a business on my own is challenging, there’s nothing else I would rather be doing.

Do you have any advice for other people wanting to start their own brand?
Just start! My mentality from the beginning was “let’s see how far I get” and I haven’t looked back since.

What's next for Peach?
So much new! Starting with colours and we’ve even been trialling some bras and new fabrications. Watch this space…

Shop Peach here.

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