August 03, 2021

We met Millie, the face behind M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY, where all good connections take place these days, online via IG. And it was love at first DM.

At BITS, we’re all about celebrating individuality and normalising ALL body types, so we couldn’t love what Millie is all about any more.

Through sharing vulnerabilities, and intimate stories, Millie has connected over 14,000 women.

Now, we invite you to join the movement too.

We partnered up with Millie, and some of her community, to help spread the #LOVEYOURBITS message.

This is Victoria’s story…

MEET: VICTORIA, @toriaatoa
Photographer who works in business banking
Nicole’s bits: 18E/5XL


About me:
My name is Victoria, I’m a Cancer star sign - just turned dirty 30! I’m also a photographer and work in business banking. We’re funny, loving, can be a little bit sassy but who doesn’t like a little bit of sass in their life? I’m a confident women.

My relationship with my body:
Growing up I definitely had a hard time loving my body. I didn’t really feel that confident at all in how I looked which then of course made me not feel as confident about myself on the inside. Now I’m like WOW! You’re absolutely stunning! I love everything about my body and myself, what I see in the mirror and just who I am as a person.


How did you feel wearing the Triumph Sheer Minimiser Bra and Peach High Waisted Bikini for the shoot?
I really loved wearing my bits they were so cute and nice to put on! The bra is super comfortable I love the way it makes my chest look in them and how supportive it feels. The little detail and design is also pretty lovely as well.


How I found the experience of being photographed:
Being with Millie is always so nice. She makes you feel so comfortable to be around and in front of the camera as well. Being vulnerable can always be a little scary sometimes but it’s what makes you human. Vulnerability is inspiring, it’s a beautiful thing.


What I do to help ‘love your bits’:
I’m learning to not be so hard on myself. Everyone has good and bad days when it comes to loving their body, so I try not to stress myself out too much. I remember what I’ve been able to accomplish so far in my ‘loving myself’ journey and appreciate the patience and time I’ve put into it.

And if we’re being honest, I just look in the mirror and tell myself I’m the shit, haha. Back yourself and it works like a charm.


We teamed up with Millie from M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY to celebrate everybody's bits. See more LOVE YOUR BITS here.

Follow Victoria here

All photos by Millie at M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY. Follow her here.

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