August 03, 2021

We met Millie, the face behind M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY, where all good connections take place these days, online via IG. And it was love at first DM.

At BITS, we’re all about celebrating individuality and normalising ALL body types, so we couldn’t love what Millie is all about any more.

Through sharing vulnerabilities, and intimate stories, Millie has connected over 14,000 women.

Now, we invite you to join the movement too.

We partnered up with Millie, and some of her community, to help spread the #LOVEYOURBITS message.

This is Nicole’s story…

MEET: NICOLE, @nicolejahrig
Health Science Grad with a passion for drawing anime
Nicole’s bits: L/M


About me:
I'm a university graduate in health science who is pursuing to study pharmaceuticals. On the side, I draw anime as a therapeutic hobby.

My relationship with my body:
I never took notice of how I perceived my body until I was 12 years old when social media brought me to my attention that my body type was not the ideal type. Entering high school, the trends such as thigh gaps and thin waists were the "big thing" and I ended up punishing myself. It was only later I realised that it was my own fault for surrounding myself with such negativity and finally understanding that there is no "perfect body".


I'm so grateful just to be alive and surrounded by wonderful people who are happy with just the way I am. I'm still learning to love myself, but I would love to go back in time and give my younger self a hug and say that I am enough.

When you put on The Unseen bits for the shoot, how did they feel?
The Unseen's Ease Bra and Ying Yang Brief are extremely comfortable and can bring confidence to all shapes and sizes. The bra is perfect for those who dislike underwiring and the fit is not too loose or tight thanks to the adjustable straps and multiple clasps.


The briefs are fashionable, similar to popular male briefs. They are very cute and breathable where the material is not too thick or thin, providing a comfortable fit.


How I found the experience of being photographed:
I've finally started getting comfortable in my own skin so getting out of my clothes was fine (even more comfortable since there were only women in the room, too). It was my first time having a personal photoshoot and it was really fun. Millie and Rachel were so, so lovely and they made me feel right at home.

What I do to help ‘love your bits’:
Surround yourself with more loving people and buy more underwear - cheap or expensive. It's a huge confidence boost. Also, it is important to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally as these areas are one of the main things that can attack your perception of yourself. Love yourself.


We teamed up with Millie from M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY to celebrate everybody's bits. See more LOVE YOUR BITS here.

Follow Nicole here.

All photos by Millie at M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY. Follow her here.

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