August 03, 2021

We met Millie, the face behind M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY, where all good connections take place these days, online via IG. And it was love at first DM.

At BITS, we’re all about celebrating individuality and normalising ALL body types, so we couldn’t love what Millie is all about any more.

Through sharing vulnerabilities, and intimate stories, Millie has connected over 14,000 women.

Now, we invite you to join the movement too.

We partnered up with Millie, and some of her community, to help spread the #LOVEYOURBITS message.

This is Nicky’s story…

MEET: NICKY, @nickykuzmanovic
Medical secretary and model, who is passionate about body positivity
Nicky’s Bits: XL/20G


About me:
I’m a medical secretary, however I was previously signed as a model, to an agency. I’m passionate about body positivity and diversity, and I wholeheartedly stand by women empowering each other and feeling comfortable in their skin.

My relationship with my body:
When I was in high school, I had a horrible relationship with my body. I was incredibly insecure and would often hide from mirrors or stay indoors to avoid judgment. Years flew by and I got sick of feeling that way, I was over being fearful and not celebrating my life. Eventually I learnt my worth, thanks to my Faith, and I learnt to accept who I am and genuinely began to love my body for the way it looked and for all it’s done. I look back at my teenage years wishing I didn’t compare myself to others and realising stretch marks, discolouration, wobbly bits and cellulite doesn’t make us any less than anyone else.


About the bits I wore for the shoot:
I am IN LOVE with the seamless high rise thong, the fit and colour were perfect. I usually only wear thongs, but I also love high rise underwear, as I find them more supportive and comfier. The material of the underwear is like second skin, it’s not itchy, it doesn’t stretch too much, it doesn’t dig in to your skin… it’s a perfect fit - I highly recommend!


As for the bra, the Dalis Wireless Model Bralette was actually a great fit. I was concerned as there was no underwire and I have big boobs, but it actually supported my breasts and looked good on too. It was incredibly comfy! I felt sexy in both.


How I found the experience of being photographed:
I, even prior to this, was passionate about body positivity. It’s something I stand by so strongly and that’s reflected in my social media, however shooting with Millie was incredible. She makes me you feel comfortable and encourages you throughout the entire process. I love that she’s created a space for women to learn to love themselves harder, but also encourage others that there is nothing wrong with what we may consider our ‘flaws’.


What I do to help love your bits:
Teaching myself to not care what others may say, or think, has really helped me learn to love myself, as a person, and my bits. It’s taught me that I can showcase my body online, regardless of not being slim. I also am just aware that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. It’s no longer just about one type of person, but acceptance should be for all. I also choose to surround myself with positivity, rather than negativity.

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All photos by Millie at M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY. Follow her here.

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