August 03, 2021

We met Millie, the face behind M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY, where all good connections take place these days, online via IG. And it was love at first DM.

At BITS, we’re all about celebrating individuality and normalising ALL body types, so we couldn’t love what Millie is all about any more.

Through sharing vulnerabilities, and intimate stories, Millie has connected over 14,000 women.

Now, we invite you to join the movement too.

We partnered up with Millie, and some of her community, to help spread the #LOVEYOURBITS message.

This is Dominique's story…

MEET: DOMINIQUE, @dominique.jolee
Mum of two, who loves being creative.
Dominiques's bits: XL/14B

About me:
I find these types of questions so hard to answer.. haha! (Don't we all!) I'm a wife and mum to two girls. I try not to take life too seriously and love being creative. Recently I started a self love journey to help me reconnect with myself and accept every inch of who I am.


My relationship with my body:
Since having children, I've spent a lot of time rebuilding a positive my relationship with my body. An important part of that is being mindful of how I treat and speak about body, especially around my two daughters. So, for me, teaching them to have positive relationship with their of body is a priority.


When you put on the Wonderbra lace set, how did they feel?
I've fallen in love with the Wonderbra Lace Triangle Bra - so comfortable, with supportive cups. After breastfeeding my boobs lost their fullness and this bra gives just the right amount of support and padding. The lace has a lovely and smooth appearance under clothes too, which was really surprising.


The lace underwear are a complement to the bra. They're a boyshort style and even with the lace are still super comfortable, and the scalloped edge is gorgeous. Plus they have a gathering/ruching on the butt that really makes that booty pop!


How I found the experience of being photographed:
For me, the less I wear, the better. I'm pretty comfortable with my body now. However, I did have butterflies... not because I had to strip down, but because I truly admire Millie's work. She's pro and acted just like that on the day - she was so welcoming and immediately makes you feel comfortable.

What I do to help 'love your bits':
I prioritise self-care. And that ranges from something really small l to something extra special. It could be a quick pamper session, taking myself out to lunch or just shaving my legs in peace. Whatever it is, the important part to me is savouring every second and allowing myself to be free with my own thoughts and feelings.


We teamed up with Millie from M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY to celebrate everybody's bits. See more LOVE YOUR BITS here.

Follow Dominique here.

All photos by Millie at M BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY. Follow her here.

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