December 23, 2020

We asked our pal and co-founder of Ultra Violette sunscreen, Ava Matthews, to share her journey of discovering her #1 ASS-et.

Who are you?
Ava Matthews, co-founder of SPF brand Ultra Violette and a very non-typical Piscean.

What do you spend your days doing?
Selling sunscreen, snacking and listening to Dua Lipa.


What’s your relationship with your body like?
Good days and bad, I guess. It’s better when I’m sleeping well, taking my vitamins, exercising to feel strong and eating to feel good. I don’t have any boobs and I have a big bum which has taken a while to get used to (I grew up in a period where the opposite was desirable), but over the past 4-5 years I’ve learned to embrace it. I always tell people I vacillate between curvy and chubby. I’m absolutely fine with that.

Has your relationship with your body changed?
Absolutely. I used to torture myself to be as thin as I could... BUT I’m not really built to be thin. I was for a brief period of time in my early-mid 20’s. But, as it’s not for me, it was impossible to maintain and I was really miserable trying to keep myself at a size that physiologically I'm just not meant to be. I moved to America when I was 24 and it was a bit of a cultural shock to be honest. I was chased down the street (in an appreciative way) and really celebrated for my figure (and ass). It was weird to me at first but it was the beginning of a 5 year journey to appreciate or come to terms with the way I was probably just going to be.

What helped change your perspective?
Moving to New York and also I cannot go without crediting the Kardashians here. They really made the concept of having a booty something desirable, and more of an accessory rather than something to hate. My personal trainer often says he wishes he could take credit for my bum but it’s just genes. I do work hard (ish) to keep it “up” though. It definitely wasn’t an immediate shift though, it took to maybe my early 30’s to be at peace with how my body is built. It’s a work in progress though for sure.

What’s your favourite thing about your body?
I feel like I’m at an age where I now have more appreciation for the things my body does for me - I wouldn’t go as far as being grateful but on the bus there I guess. I feel appreciation to be able to move my legs and squat and jump and hug people - a lot of people can’t say that.


Do you have any tips for shopping for bits?
As I have a lot of ass, I find that high waisted, high cut undies are best on my body. It took years of wearing full coverage undies to cover everything up to realise they just weren’t that flattering. I also am adamantly against super restrictive shapewear. I can’t tell you how many pairs of super tight shapewear have ended up in the bin while I’ve been at a party because it was just too damn uncomfortable.

What are your favourite bits for your bits?
Anything ULTRA.

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