December 03, 2021

Whether you’re thinking about trying them, or you’ve already got your first pair and now, you’re not sure what to do next. We get it. That’s why we asked the experts over at Scarlet, to give us the 101 on all things Period Undies.

This is their guide to help you navigate wearable period protection.

Period undies are designed to fit like normal underwear, and feature a multi-layered, leak-proof technology that wicks away moisture, absorbs and locks-in fluid to keep you dry and protected. The built-in leak-proof technology is harder working than disposable pads which means it can safely hold more liquid for longer and be reused, lasting years not hours.

1. How do you wash period undies?
Washing period undies is as easy as wear, rinse, wash, dry and repeat. And much easier than dealing with blood stains on your favourite undies.

  1. Rinse them under running water (or a hot shower) until they run clear. They hold a lot of blood.
  2. Throw them in the washing machine on ‘gentle’ with your other delicates. Don’t use fabric softener.
  3. Hang dry and let the sun do the work!

2. Do period undies feel damp and icky?
No icky damp feels. Scarlet Period undies feature a highly functional, lightning-fast absorbing gusset that keeps you feeling fresh and dry (day and night).


3. How do you find the right fit and absorbency?
No need to worry about looking like you’re wearing the equivalent of an adult diaper; Scarlet Period Underwear are designed to fit and feel like regular undies. With two absorbency options to meet your lighter or heavier flow needs. Scarlet’s range offers a variety of styles in soft organic cotton and sexy fabrics, from chic seamless for no VPL to gender-neutral Boyshorts. If you’re looking for a bikini-style cut, look for The Everyday Brief in organic cotton. Want to work out? The G-string is your go-to for lighter days and lightning moisture wicking tech. For heavy flow and a leak-free sleep, the Boyshort is the comfiest way to flow. Read our find your fit for your flow guide here to find your style.

4. How many pairs of period undies do I need?
If you’re first trying them out, you’ll probably want several pairs to replace your traditional period products on your lighter days. If you decide to commit, you’ll likely want a full five- to seven-day set depending on the length of your flow, so you’re not washing every other day. You can also consider a sleep-specific pair or two: If you want to sleep worry-free, we suggest the Boyshort that fits a little more snug with extra coverage for side and rear leak protection.


5. How will I know when to change my period undies?
Just like when you first use a pad or tampon, it can take a little time to work out how often you need to change your underwear, and it will vary depending on your flow, and which absorbency of period undies you’re wearing: Light-Moderate or Moderate-Heavy. When the undies start to feel a bit ‘full’, or feel a little damp at the edges, you know it’s time to change. What we hear from our community when it comes to their routine? Wear one pair all day long and change into a new pair either when you get home or before bed. You’ll get the hang of it.

Save your favourite undies from leaks and stains and discover a leak-free. worry-free period with period underwear.

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